Our Teachers

Highly-qualified and developed teachers

ALPS believes that the teacher is the single-most important indicator of a child’s academic success.  Thus, ALPS will hire teachers who, at a minimum, meet the requirements for being “highly qualified”, as defined by pertinent statute and Arizona Department of Education regulations, but also will invest in teachers’ job-embedded professional development.

The entire teaching staff at ALPS forms a professional learning community (PLC).  Groups of teachers will be assigned to grade-level collaborative teams. ALPS’s collaborative teams serve as the “first line of defense” for the facilitation of improvement in terms of instructional performance.  Collaborative team members will leverage each other’s individual expertise in the areas of instructional methodology, pedagogy, planning, management, and execution to improve, with a keen eye on research-based best practices.

Collaborative teams also serve as an action research cohort, identifying their own effective best practices as time goes on and new ideas are tried and tracked and outcomes are analyzed and shared with the group.

According to teacher survey results and feedback from both informal observations and formal evaluations, additional professional development opportunities will address gaps in teacher skill and instructional capability.  According to skill and needs noted in these evaluations, teachers will be assigned differentiated paths that will cater to teacher’s individualized needs to improve his or her skill. These differentiated paths may include outside professional development opportunities, observations of other teachers, or temporary assignment to a collaborative team dealing with developing similar needs.  Professional development opportunities from consultants, outside sources, or school staff will feed into the continuously-expanding institutional knowledge around instructional practice. Such opportunities will be based upon proven, research-based best practices of instructional methodology.

Highly-effective instruction rooted in best practice

ALPS’s teachers will utilize research-based instructional best practices to deliver content and curriculum to students.  Teachers will receive training in the following instructional methodologies, which are identified as best practices through extensive bodies of research:

  • Objective-driven instruction
  • Cooperative learning structures
  • High-yield instructional strategies
  • Differentiation strategies
  • Problem-based learning