Academic Program

The founding team of ALPS believes that when provided with the combination of a rigorous curriculum that focuses on background knowledge and civic engagement, highly-effective instruction, support, and a school culture that places a premium on long-term success, all students, regardless of background, can finish elementary school firmly on a pathway to secondary and post-secondary success.  Through the following ways, ALPS’s teachers and students will act on this belief and prepare all students for future academic and professional success:

  • Teachers will:
    • Teach a rigorous curriculum facilitated by the foundational Core Knowledge Sequence, which places an emphasis on background knowledge and civic engagement and
    • Implement highly-effective instruction that meets the needs of all students, as determined by data.
  • Students will:
    • Demonstrate mastery of the rigorous Core Knowledge Sequence, which will provide learners with a wide background knowledge base in the arts, sciences, language arts, mathematics, and social studies and
    • Learn via best practice instructional techniques intentionally planned to lead to student mastery of content.

Through these aspects of the academic program and school culture, and a relentless mission-driven focus on preparatory academics, ALPS’s students will overcome the current demographic trends and achieve academic and professional success later on life.

Visual Arts and Music

The founding team of ALPS believes the arts – including visual arts and music – are critically important for students’ academic and socioemotional development.  In addition to being considered core content areas, reflecting their importance, visual arts and music will be intertwined throughout students’ Core Knowledge domains.  Curricular materials will be from Core Knowledge, and are included in the Core Knowledge Language Arts and History & Geography materials. A crosswalk has been developed to align these materials with Arizona State Standards.

  • Teachers will:
    • Teach the visual arts and music from the Core Knowledge Sequence,
    • Integrate creativity and arts-based practice opportunities into the core curriculum, and
    • Collaborate with community arts organizations to support rigorous, yet practical, curriculum planning.
  • Students will:
    • Participate in visual arts and music annually throughout their elementary and middle school experiences.